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Experienced Services From Cell Site Acquisition to Zoning

What makes our mobile tower engineering agency unique is that we work with you on every phase of the project from site conception to construction drawings through planning and more. Our team has many years of experience, so every project we work on gets the top-quality service you expect and deserve. We are here to get you all the way to final approval.

Cell Site Acquisition

Vertical Resources Group, Inc. helps you to meet your site acquisition needs and makes the process go smoothly. Please contact us for details about this service.

Architectural Design & Engineering

We offer complete architectural design and engineering services to clients interested in building a telecommunications tower or installing equipment on an existing structure like a building or smoke stack. We are here to work with you through all of the steps in the design process and offer structural design, reinforcement design, and more. Our engineers and design team offer you solutions for your industrial applications. From initial conception to build, we provide you with the skills and expertise that you need.

Site Zoning Approval

Your new cell tower project won't go anywhere if you don't comply with local zoning requirements. We are experts at understanding and meeting those requirements, so we create plans, drawings, photo simulations, site surveys, and more that will breeze through the approval process and meet your specifications.